A Year & A Day: Teumessian Fox

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Teumessian Fox:

“Nice! Are these the new Peerless Model 730C Super-lite Aluminum Handcuffs? And they come in gun-metal? You Boys in Blue are getting mighty Boujee, aren’t you? Very Nice… Oh wait, what’s that over there?”

Kith Excerpt:

The Teumessian fox was a Vulpid created by the Gods to punish the mortal realm. It was a monster, as big in body as it was in appetite. This monster would not, could not, ever be caught by any means. Eventually the only course of action was to send the magical hound Laelaps, who without fail caught its quarry. The eternal race began with the two mystical entities doomed to a perpetual cycle of chase and flee. Zeus, upon realizing the futility of this struggle, placed the two of them in the sky.

But not before the Teumessian Fox left its mark in the world. Nothing could catch the Teumessian Fox, especially the bonds of parenthood. In his (her?) destructive wake, they left many an unprecedented motley of Foxy children. Today, many in the Dreaming world still yet carry this blood-line. The Teumessian Fylí (Kith) is a tribe of Fox Fae with a destructive bent and predilection for escaping confines.

To these ends, the Foxes offer the most to the Fae of Cloud Cuckoo Land. Need something to disappear from a carefully guarded vault? Keep up with the Fox for one week and they’ll think about it. Need a quick way out of town without raising any suspicions? Make nice with the Teumessian and bring him some good beef-jerky… The Teumessian Foxes have a lot to offer their fellow Neráidais (Changelings) if the price is right…



“You’re never gonna get me – You’re never gonna get me – You’re never gonna get me – I’m the crimson ghost…” – Misfits, “Crimson Ghost”


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