A Year & A Day: Gummi Baren

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

Character Creation Guide Download: Gummi-Baren.pdf

Quoth the Gummi Baren:

(A conversation had by multiple Gummi-Bären)

“I am the Juiciest.”
“NO! I am the Juiciest.”
“Wait! I know! We are all the Juiciest!”

Kith Excerpt:

In the dimly lit throbbing of Germany’s industrial underground club scene, there exists one bright neon light of juicy dreaming wonderment. This bonfire of fruity Fae flavors is a Festgelage Halten of magic that could only be born of the most exuberant of the Svart Wald’s Wechselbalg (Changelings) – Der Gummi-Bären.

This Abstammung of colorful characters is a resplendent rejoinder to what would otherwise be a black and grey understanding of Germany’s bleakly urban dreaming. While some other kithain may get down to the industrialized underground scene of predictable gothic trappings, dub-step, and electrical tape on nipples, the Gummi-Bären keep it lemony-bright and berry-rousing with splashes of neon color and fresh stimulating beats that enliven an otherwise dreary dream-scape.

The dourer of Stille-Volken may claim to harbor annoyance at these verdammt Party-gruppe. Yet they quickly lose all pretenses when faced with the infectious beats and hypnotic colors that only the Juiciest of the German Fae can offer up. Life in the German underground may be dark and scary sometimes, Ja? But sometimes, it can be juicy… So Juicy, Ja? Ja, it’ so very juicy…



“His expression is echoed in scores of tiny faces pressing against clear plastic. Panting faces of every imaginable color, creed, and non-Aryan origin. Fogging up the bag like the windows of a Polish bath house…”
– Hedwig and the Angry Inch

“So Juicy, Ja?” – Slogan for Black Forest Gummi Bears


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