A Year & A Day: Keiki-Pua’a

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Keiki-Pua’a:

“Hey there pretty lady, wanna rassle?”

Kith Excerpt:

The Islands of the Fire Woman have a surplus of ancestral Akua (gods) that not a few Huringa (Changelings) might claim blood-ties. Yet one Kadugo (Kith) can claim visceral proof of their ties to divinity. The Boar-God Kama-Pua’a-Akua of dude-bros, rainforests, and moist… had a plethora of Get. Like the Eshu of the far-away kingdoms, these god-blooded bratlings would grow to be their own prolific family, as lusty and gregarious as their erstwhile god/father/ancestor.

The Keiki-Pua’a (Literally Pig-Children) are more than simple god-blooded Fae, however, they are the incarnation of the rain-forest’s fertile mana. Moisture, growth, spontaneity, strength, creativity, and virility are all the hallmarks of the Tribe. All members, especially the females, are privy to this transformative energy. An energy that allows them to transmogrify their very body like their father did and take the form of great wild boars that tear across the land.

While Hawaiian by blood, the Kadugo can be found roaming all throughout the Sea of Islands not just their island home. A sense of adventure and action is intrinsic to their nature, as is rough bouts of romantical exertion and plenty of rejection. Again, much like their father and his legendary fiery on again off again trysts with a certain Hawaiian Volcano Goddess, true romance can be a wonderfully ugly experience. And if there’s no challenge to be had, what’s the point. (For More information on the Dreaming Pigs of Hawaii, see Immortal Eyes: Shadows of the Hill page 27).



“His snout was of great size, and with it (he) dug the earth, He dug until he raised a great mound. He raised a hill for his gods, a hill, a precipice in front… for the offspring of the pig that was born.” – Martha Beckwith, Hawaiian Mythology

“Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.” ― George Bernard Shaw


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