A Year & A Day: Kooshdakhaa

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Murder-Otter:

(Read in your mother’s voice.)
“Wah! I’m afraid of the water! A Crab will bite my nipples and a Salmon will swim up my butt!”

Kith Excerpt:

In the cold and frozen waters of the Far North, the Wapsu (Thallain) Family of Kooshdakhaa dance and play to their heart’s content. They are the Land-Otter-People, able to shift between the otter and human form at a whim. They aren’t malicious (at least most of them) like the other Wapsu, and are happy enough simply spending their lives in play. Of course, their play may get too rough sometimes, and no few outsiders may get murdle-urdled in the play.

Gathering in groups called lodges, they are more prolific than perhaps any Northern Tribe. The reason for their numbers is simple, they don’t undergo Chyrsalis like so many others. Each of the Kooshdakhaa was invited to play once upon a time, and with the right attitude towards play (and surviving the play), they were invited back and back again. Eventually, a slow joyful metamoprhosis takes place, and one day without even realizing, a new Kooskdakhaa was brought into a Logde. Perhaps that Kooshdakhaa was a mortal, or perhaps they were a Changeling Soul of a different Gundohgi waiting for their True Chrysalis. It’s hard to say. The Kooshdakhaa certainly won’t put in the work to find out.

In the old days, the Kooshdakhaa would simply steal a baby for those kinds of purpose, but things are different now. Some would say they are far more fun. Never confuse Fun for Safe, however, as the Kooshdakhaa are far more dangerous than the other Wapsu. Not due to evil intent or raw-consuming hunger, but because they simply want to have a good time. Everybody caught in their “Fun” may not be coming back from it.



“Fun is our middle name!”
“No, ‘Fun’ is your middle name. Mine is ‘Angelica’ remember?”
“Oh. Right. Sorry.”
– Bear in the Big Blue House – Pip and Pop the Otters


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