A Year & A Day: Blue Cap

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Blue Cap:

“Hey! Are you taking a Piss? You skipped Jimmy boy! He hauled just as much as the rest of us! If you don’t give him his due pay, I swear to Christ I will shove this pick so far up your…”

Kith Excerpt:

There are certain Kith that bear a decidedly chthonic nature. The underworld beckons to them in a way that few outsiders understand. The Nockers and the Thallain Goblins are two such tribes of Changeling, as are the Duergar, Kobold, Nibelung and even the Ettercaps in their way. But no single family of Dreaming creatures has the call quite so much as the Blue Caps. So named for the ability to glow like a cerulean candle, these under-folk have been allies to miners since time immemorial.

What exactly compels the Blue Caps to dig deeper down in the Earth is up for conjecture. Some posit that deep trods exist that lead back to Arcadia, and the Blue Cap kith subconsciously remember the pathways. Others cite that the Blue Caps are the living remnants of an under worldly proto-kith that the Sluagh, Nockers, and Goblins just evolved from. Others secretly whisper of a dark Celtic God, the Crom Cruach, which the Bluecaps are trying to find and resurrect.

While they may not have overly friendly relations with the other British Kith, they are still cordial and respectful as needs be. (Unless they see injustice, see Frailty below). Sometimes a certain Fae may need help underground. Or maybe a lost Fairy Treasure of antiquity is rumored to be buried under a church. IF properly approached, and if everybody involves rolls up their sleeves and digs in, then the Blue Caps prove to be invaluable allies. But only IF…



“Because you want to know what a member of a kith is, you’ve gotta think long and hard about what that kith really means. You gotta think why there are redcaps out there, and not bluecaps or greencaps or whatever.” – KithBook Redcaps. Pg 28.

“Down in a hole and they’ve put all the stones in their place…” – Alice in Chains, “Down in a Hole”


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