A Year & A Day: Waawaashkeshi Kwe

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Waawaashkeshi Kwe:

“Hoka Hey there, Handsome, hear those kickin’ drums? Care for a dance?”

Kith Excerpt:

The stories tell us that once long ago, there were Deer-Men. Tall and lusty, they would take unwitting brides back to their forest lairs. The stories don’t tell what happened to the Deer-Men, but if the Deer-ladies were involved at all, there will never be any Deer-Men stories again. The Waawaashkeshi Kwe are an all-female Gundohgi (Nunnehi Family) born of hunger and revenge.

The hunger comes from their lusty spirits, the uninhibited heat-hunger of a strong-willed woman. These usually hail from the Peace-Camp, despite their dangerous desires. The revenge comes from those Waawaashkeshi Kwe who have witnessed the harming of women (either among their own, or mortal women) at the hands of men. The worse the pain the women feel, the worse the punishment meted out to the offending man.

Almost ubiquitous among the varied First-World Tribes, the stories of the Deer-Women are abject lessons to be heard and heeded. Love can be a scary thing, and it can be risky for all parties. It is best to treat sex and romance with all the respect and caution it merits. One should never fail to realize, that the Waawaashkeshi Kwe and relationships both can be dangerous.



“I heard her voice in desert plains. Vast windless prairies of sand. Rock. Death.
In this desert they have created an oasis.”
From Outfoxing Coyote – Carolyn Dunn


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