A Year & A Day: Bendith Y Mamau

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Quoth the Bendith y Mamau:

“Ugly? That’s not what your Mom said last night. It doesn’t matter anyway, who needs to be handsome with this kind of talent?”

Kith Excerpt:

The Bendith y Mamau are a hated Kith, infamous for their roles as baby-snatchers, kidnappers, and thugs, on par with the worst of their Spriggans, Goblins, and Redcap cousins. The Welsh Kith takes all the hate and naysaying stacked against them, and responds with only a flip of the bird…

Although such negative rumors may be a bit of a misunderstanding. (But you won’t hear the Bendith y Mamau say anything to defend themselves, bad publicity is publicity none-the-less). Their name itself, Bendith y Mamau, means “The Mother’s Blessings” a testament to the musical grace and prowess that the Crimbil (Kith) bequeathed to the children pilfered. In fact, the Kith rarely stole children willy-nilly. They would only steal those children from broken homes, or those poor bastards in whom would miss the education into the fine-arts that they deserved.

Again, not that the Bendith y Mamau will say any different to defend themselves. They are still ugly, mean, and nasty old bastards with a flair for passive aggressive insults and berating those same nay-sayers that called them kidnappers to begin with.



“Well I’ve heard there was a secret chord,
That David played and it pleased the Lord,
But you don’t really care for music, do you?”
Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen


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