A Year & A Day: Sasquatch

Changeling: the Dreaming

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“Yes, it is beautiful up here, that’s kind of why I’m up here all by myself – if you catch my meaning. Bigfoot sightings? Yes, I have heard stories, but I don’t have any experience myself. You should check down the way at the local tavern, I’m sure they have plenty of stories for you.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Grassman, Orange Eyes, Bigfoot, Skunk Ape, but also Ts’emekwes, kwi-kwiyai, and a score of other names the Nunnehi known as Sasquatch has been a part of the Turtle’s Dreaming since time immemorial and Popular Culture almost as long. Though the Gvdoghi (Family) has been seen in nigh every corner of the Empire of the Turtle, it is the Pacific Northwest, among the Salish people that they are most famous. Almost universally Summer Camp, it is the are individual that has any Winter tendencies… though there are many reasons for the Winter (Lurks be durned).

Being as famous as they are, the whole family of Sasquatches has been hunted and tracked by would-be paranormalist investigators, professional skeptics, and amateur ghost-hunters for generations. They have been relegated to red-neck cliché’s, truck-driver paraphernalia, cartoon caricatures of themselves. There is no shortage of chotchkes dedicated to the elusive Bigfoot to be found any and everywhere that a mortal has espied one. It should drive most of the Gvdoghi to Winter.

However, most don’t care. The more vocal skeptics allow a modicum of respite, and the discernable lack of evidence permits the careful Sasquatch to enjoy the much sought-after solitude in peace. Any Sasquatch, at the end of the day, wants to be left alone to pursue their own agendas in peace.



“Scientists have proven that the Sasquatch seems real
Take a look at the plastic cast of his foot now you know he’s real
Listen real close to the audiotape now you will now know he’s real
Couldn’t be a man in gorilla suit no fuckin’ way now you know he’s real…” –
Sasquatch – Tenacious D


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