A Year & A Day: Gumiho

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Gumiho:

“Why, it asks us to stay off the grass! What a clever conceit. Tell me my dear, would you like to step off of this boring path, and dance in the green with me for a moment?”

Kith Excerpt:

A group of foxes once left the confines of the wild, and entered a partnerships with the moon and the Green Mother and all of the other Celestials. They traded their wild-magic for an unnamed task and entered a term of service to await a horrifying and bloody death. The Gumiho was not among that group. The Gumiho are Nogitsune and Huli-Jing- the wild foxes, far removed from the courtly good graces of their fellows.

Unlike the Other Obake tribes, the Gumiho were never mortals with Shinma spirits or little Gods. They were foxes wild and born, and their animal hungers for magic reflect this. The wildest and most magical of the Obake Tribes, the Spirit-Foxes walk in places that even demons fear to tread. In fact, if there is any fear to be had at all, the insatiable Gumiho are the first ones to step in. Their hunger for the unseen and taboo places demands that they explore. Especially if it means that something exciting will come of it. Keep in mind, no Gumiho is stupid however, and if something isn’t cool enough to merit their attention, they can easily walk away regardless of either rules or peer pressure…

Like the proverbial curious cat and the satisfaction involved, the rewards of overstepping boundaries far outway any risk. Each Gumiho’s mouth waters for the magics and tricks of the other worlds. And for every fifth level of a different art that a Gumiho completes, they get another tail. Each Tail is a sign of mastery, and only the most fresh-faced sport only one.



“Three hundred li farther east is Green-Hills Mountain, where much jade can be found on its south slope and green cinnabar on its north. There is a beast here whose form resembles a fox with nine tails. It makes a sound like a baby and is a man-eater.” Shanhaijing – Guo Pu


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