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Quoth the Daitengu:

“Ninja? Of course I am. I am the smartest, most daring, and sexiest Master of dark ninja-arts that anyone has ever seen. But of course ninja’s aren’t meant to be seen…which means I have to kill you.”

Kith Excerpt:

While the Kappa are nasty and the Oni are angry, the Daitengu are narcissistic. This long-remembered family of Obake are keepers of Mountain Dojos that instruct everyone- Fae and Mortal alike- the mysterious arts of deception. While Ninja-School maybe a term thrown around too flippantly for tender ears, the Daitengu do offer a set of skills more suited for stealth missions. They have been doing so since time immemorial, and if someone survives the track to find the school, then they at least deserve the chance to prove themselves to these Avian Shinma.

Not that proving oneself to the Daitengu is ever easy. They are a proud race- snooty and refuting of others not of their own tribe. While they act in benevolent ways every now and again, this act is always accompanied by scorn and mocking laughter. This scorn even extends to their cousins in the Moon-Tribe – the Hengeyokai shapeshifter tribe of Were-Ravens also called as Tengu. Although most of the Daitengu Fae tribe dub these lesser cousins the Konoha-Tengu or Crow-Tengu (much to the Moon Tribes Chagrin.)

While not as nasty as the Kappa, or as angry as the Oni, the Daitengu still serve as great promoters of the Obake Gobliness… They are capricious and mean-spirited, and with these seemingly negative traits, they craft their students- Again Fae, mortal, and other- how to be effective warriors without peer. Not as effective as the Daitengu themselves of course… but then again, nobody’s perfect.



— Bankotsubo the Tengu in Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate


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