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Quoth the Enenra:

“There is a Monk on the mountain, who has been snowed in, and is running out of fire-wood. We can’t have that, now can we? Despite the obvious snow, and the horrible cold I must face, I will deliver it personally.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Enenra are a Hsien long present in the Middle Kingdom Courts. Their name shares the same kanji as Light-weight clothe, a reference to the freedom of movement that these Hsien sport. At one time, the Enenra served as the greatest of the Shinma’s couriers. They lived in bonfires, and only were visible to those devout individuals who were pure in heart. They were fast, dependable, and most of all clever. They would get prayers to Heaven despite any obstacles, using their ghost-body-power to deliver directly to the Gods.

Like Shintoism in this new world, however, they too have adapted with finesse and grace. Though they’ll tell you the world of flesh has left them feeling a little slow. Most are a little disgusted by corporeal bodies, and all are a little impatient with the sluggishness of their fellows Hsien (especially the Kamuii, whose self-titled moniker of “Little Gods” aggravates the devout Enenra to no end).

This has also manifested in the Enenra trying a little too desperately to “Matter”. Many feel as if they are an obsolete concept, a relic of a by-gone age. There is a bright shining spark in the Enenra’s life, however, no matter how small. The world of technology has grown exponentially, and messages can be delivered across the world in the blink of an eye. The Enenra flock to these message-carriers (Cellphones and the like) like the proverbial moth to a flame. Most sport the newest smart-phone accessories available, and use them to stay in communication with all of their Shinma associates.



“Faith is like a sacred fire,
Pass it on from generation to generation
Without extinguishing it.”
— Konko Daijin


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