A Year & A Day: Baku

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Baku:

“Boogey-Men? Don’t mind them little one,
I will eat them up like a piece of peppermint puff…
…nom nom nom…”

Kith Excerpt:

Of all the families of Fae creatures that could be called Adhene, perhaps the most wondrous and kindest is the Baku of the 3 Go Kingdoms. Protector of children, slayer of demons, and master of spirits; the Baku has had many titles under its prodigious belt. Of course what the Baku truly is, and what it has been purported to do don’t always coincide. This is the way of most Fae creatures however, and the Adhene are certainly no exception.

According to mortal folklore, the Baku does have the ability to slay evil dreams. What this means according to the Hsien is something else entirely. The Baku serve as stewards on the cusp of wakefulness. Like Oneiromantic samurai, they protect their sleeping charges from dream-destroying hungry ghosts.

It should be made clear that while the Baku may not be as cold and alien as the other Adhene, they are Adhene. Their ways and methods aren’t the same as the Hsien. The Baku are other, and despite their wonderfully colorful exterior, there is nothing tame about them.



“What have we to do but wait,
dreaming silly dreams
in this endless void?”
– Ben John


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