A Year & A Day: Ask-wee-da-eed

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Ask-wee-da-eed:

“I’d put that gun away; it would be a shame if it misfired and blew up in your face.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Ask-wee-da-eed is perhaps one of the most mysterious of the Nunnehi Gundohgi (Families). They are rare, one being born only unusual cosmic events; A particularly active meteor shower, or a comet visiting Earth. While this may be seen as fortuitous event, the Nunnehi of the Northeast know that it means the coming of the Fickle-Fires. Only a few random younglings under-go their chrysalis when the Comet traces its trajectories closest to the Earth. Soon after, one only has to trace the path of destruction and misery back to the sources.

Yes they are rare and the elders see this as no small blessings. Their ability to warp the workings of fate and their powers of ill luck ensure that the world around them is marked by chaos and misfortune. While some might be able to work with a new Youngling Ask-wee-da-eed attempt to guide them in the ways of peace, superstition and mistrust that usually wins out.

They are forever ostracized, even by their own parents. They are distrusted at best, hunted at worse, and their very existence is a testament to the powers of dark-medicine. The only one who can truly hope to understand their plight is another Ask-wee-da-eed. However, the rarity of their emergences ensures that very few are around, let alone finding each other.



“Luck has a longer reach than wisdom.” – James Lendall Basford, Seven Seventy Seven Sensations


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