A Year & A Day: Eagle-Knights

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

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Quoth the Eagle-Knight:

“America! Clean air, wide open skies, and a chance to fight for what’s right. Just like our forefathers did all those 200 odd years ago. Step on up and join the cause my brothers and sisters.”

Kith Excerpt:

Zeus, father of the Greek Pantheon, would often take the form of a mighty eagle to lay claim what he perceived as his. With that, certain Olympian scholars of the Dreaming cite that the Greco-Roman paradigm never ended, it just continued moving West from Greece to Rome to Constantinople to England and, finally, to America. It is in America, and the Dreaming Born Realm of the New. S. A.,

This Kith claims an ancestry based on Zeus own Eagle Form.. Alternately known as Ikarri, Akela-Sidhe, or American Alfar, the kith known as the Eagle-Knights is one known more for its cooperative prowess in patriotic warfare than its social graces. In fact, Knights might be a misnomer. Rather than rules of chivalry and valour, the Kith sometimes exhibits boorishness, megalomania, and egocentrism.

Yet it stems, as they feel from a good place- strict adherence to America and American values. For good or for ill depending. In addition, their penchant for battle and unyielding sense of patriotism both are born of a love of justice, though this justice may also sometimes border on zealotry.



“I don’t know who he was or what he was about He was into all sorta Weird shit
and he was kinda hard to figure out
Maybe I think he was like Jon Wayne or Davy Crockett or something…
The Last American Hero. The Last King of the Wild Frontier…”
— Gordon Rennie and Martin Emond, White Trash


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