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Quoth the Turehu:


Kith Excerpt:

It is a difficult prospect to understand the mysterious Tūrehu of New Zealand. This Maori Huringa (Kith), also known as Ngati Hotu, Patupaiarehe, Pakepakehā, Ponaturi, & Urukehu, are perceived to be everything from albino dwarves, red-skinned giants, and even taloned blood-thirsty Vampires in some tales. Their ability to disappear in the twinkling of an eye, their fiery red-hair and gift for music also had some thinking them Clurichauns.

While none of the above are true, especially the Clurichaun part, there are some truths to be found in all those descriptions. They are remarkably pale – nigh Albino, they can be large of stature; they do have talons and a penchant for warfare – if not being bloodthirsty. They also have fiery red hair, a gift for music, and an ability to disappear in the twinkling of an eye.

The Tūrehu represent one of the oldest of the Kadugo, and the most reluctant to deal with outsiders – even other Kadugo. Their lairs are in the wild-places, and they have ties with only certain mortal Whanua (Mortal and Kinain Relations). Their ways are inscrutable to outsiders, especially those without the knowledge or history of the Maori people.



“Translation can never do more than the approximate,
so we shall, at least, be gloriously inaccurate.”
― Karen Healey, Guardian of the Dead


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