A Year & A Day: Serpent-Folk

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Serpent-Folk:

“Hmmm. Tell the Senator not to say a thing. Have him cry a bit, tears will help, but his mouth must stay shut. Stupid Merovingian bloodline can’t be trusted to whimper without me to wipe their asses for them.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Serpent-Folk have always been here. They offered Eve a bit of that apple in some abandoned Garden. They circled the globe along-side their Viking compatriots (although some remember it wrong of course). They fought Saint George and Heracles and countless other heroes of mythology. And for what end? Why, the appearance of defeat of course. There is no better way to hide than for your enemy to know that you are long-gone. OF course, the Serpent-Folk are still here. They have always been here.

Only a select few mortals – considered crackpots one and all – understand the dangers of the Serpent-Folk. Also called Lizard-People, Reptoids, or Draconians- the Mythian Tribe of Serpent-Folk are thought to hail from the far reaches of the cosmos – the constellation Draco of course. In reality, this Outer family is perhaps closer to the Waking Realm than any other family of Fae Creature, Half-Blooded (Changeling) or otherwise. They may have ties to the Outer-Worlds, yes, but it is amongst the mortal populace that they thrive.

Living alongside the humans since time first began recording, the Serpent-Folk were guiding, choosing, breeding, and selecting which mortal family succeeds. They sculpted certain successful agricultural tribes in the beginning, on through royal lineages in the renaissance, to the politicians and celebrities of today. They are a Mythian Tribe, yes, but their mythos extends to the bright and shiny faces they peddle to the masses. All the better to pacify the teeming mewling mortal spectrum with propaganda.

It was no ape, neither was it a man. It was some shambling horror spawned in the mysterious, nameless jungles of the south, where strange life teemed in the reeking rot without the dominance of man, and drums thundered in temples that had never known the tread of a human foot. ― Robert E. Howard



“Some of my friends have urged me to tell people the basic story, but ‘for God’s sake don’t mention the reptiles.'” – David Icke


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