A Year & A Day: Gong Zhu

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Gong Zhu:

(Wild) “Ho there mortal, did you bring me tribute, lest I eat your commoner flesh like so much peasant fare? No tribute at all? No chocolate? Popcorn? Any soda?”

(Domestic) “Of course I agree with your imperial personage, some small tribute should be paid by mortals. Perhaps some commoner food stuffs might serve to illustrate proper tribute, surely the lowest of them can afford it? I humbly submit that this lowly person be permitted the honor of ensuring such tribute is befitting. A taste-test if you will?”

Kith Excerpt:

The Gong Zhu, also known as the Zhu Bajie or more popularly the colloquial pseudonym Pigsies, are a disturbingly malicious and hungry Tribe of Obake Hsien. Some mythology paints their forbear- the infamous Pigsy of “Journey-to-the-West” as an affluent mortal cursed for enacting revenge on a unfaithful lover. Others posit more infernal origins, that the Pigsies are cannibal demons, little better than the Hungry-Ghosts of Buddhist cosmology.

Perhaps both origins bear some merit, as the Gong Zhu tribe comes in two flavors, as it were. There are the domesticated of the family, who favor eloquence and crave wealth and influence. They resemble pale and pinkish domesticated pigs in their forms, with pronounced bellies. Then there are the Wild of the numbers, who care only for violence and great shows of rage. They resemble great hirsute boars with thick quills and angry looking tusks, and like-wise have a bit of a belly. Both are greedy, and both have a history of cannibalism and violence. But perhaps the Domesticated are worse because they take great pains to hide their hungry nature.

Can any of their number rise above their base Obake nature? Mythology looks to the great Pigsy of antiquity, and his elevation due nigh sainthood by the hands of the Buddha. It is up to each of their Tribe, Domestic or Wild, to tell their own story.



“When I sinned my sin in drunken pride, – I used it to force compliance with my evil will.
When Heaven sent me down to the mortal dust, – I committed all kinds of wickedness down here.
I used to devour people in this cave.” – Journey to the West


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