A Year & A Day: Killmoulis

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Killmoulis:

*Wheezy sigh.*

Kith Excerpt:

No Fae is more disconcerting than the Killmoulis. An abbey-lubber or buttery spirit much like their cousins the Sluagh, it was the job of the quiet ones to punish the greedy and reward the generous. They fulfilled their roles among the Celtic Kith for generations, happy and content in their quiet ways. To be honest, not much has changed for them.

They still act as defenders of the poor and downtrodden and still go out of their way to punish the greedy and miserly. Especially those in high stations who abuse their powers most run the risk of earning their disfavor.

Despite their predilection for aiding the poor, the Kith has never been that famous (perhaps due to their ugliness). Fate has not been as kind to these kith as it has to their pale cousins the Sluagh, and their place in the world has been set aside in favor of the more popular Irish Kith. But perhaps this is for the better, they have never been a Kith to seek the lime-light, and they can perform better out of the public eye. There are very few Unseelie, and those that are seem little different from their brethren. Their Unseelie nature manifests in them being a little too adamant about their punishments.



“Magnificent, My nose!… You pug, you knob, you button-head, Know that I glory in this nose of mine, For a great nose indicates a great man— Genial, courteous, intellectual, Virile, courageous—as I am—and such As you—poor wretch—will never dare to be Even in imagination.” – Esmond Rostand, Cyrano-De-Bergerac (I.336-342)


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