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Quoth the Kender-Trow:

“I must’ve found it somewhere. Looks just like yours doesn’t it? I guess it must have fallen in my pocket…”

Kith Excerpt:

The Kender-Trow are a relatively modern conceit amongst the Alva (Fae), and none can say for sure where or when they came. They are a fickle Disir (Kith), in turn the bravest and staunchest of allies, and then annoying and backwards cheats and thieves. They exist in the liminal spaces of the Norse dreaming: obscured from the over-bearing and thunderous past that their Troll cousins merit

Getting a straight answer from any Kender-Trow is a lesson in futility. Any one of the little bastards will give you three different answers concerning their origins. Many claim descent from the first Trolls. This is taken with a grain of salt by the scholars, who all ascertain that Trolls could never be that annoying. Some claim that they are a variant of the Celtic-Kithain known as Piskies. Others insist that they are a blood-line which claims descent from one of Loki’s trysts with an unknown Jotun. The Kender-Trow just smile and agree with any and all of these allegations

Their trade however, is unfortunately thievery and pick-pocketing. This concept is all but unthinkable to most of the Alva, but is over-looked for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that what is pilfered is usually worthless. The second is that the Kender-Trow prove themselves to be the bravest of warriors time and time again, continually shattering perceptions of their own worth.



“A Monkey chases everything, but never catches it because he is constantly distracted by another thing.”
“Always the joy of running and leaping, and never the awful clutter of possessions no longer desired.”
– Hanuman: the Mahabharata — William Buck, Translator


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