A Year & A Day: Peryton

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Peryton:

*None, just a long-drawn-out howling screech…

Kith Excerpt:

There are many murders that occur. Muggers, serial-killers, drive-by shootings, and even uglier deaths plague the world. This is not just the Banal World, but all the avenues of the Dreaming. There are some murders in the world that take place at the intersection of the Dreaming and the Banal world; Long abandoned roads, forgotten houses in the forest, a desolate beach far from the tourist hot-spots. The spirits of those murdered in these cross-roads call out for vengeance. The Peryton, themselves in a crossroads between the Dead and the Fata, answer

Peryton are an Altro Molto (Adhene) family of Italian Fae that bridge the gaps between man and monster, victim and murderer, Fey and Spectre. If someone, mortal, Fata (Changeling), or otherwise is killed unjustly in an area with a significantly low mist-rating (abandoned roads, forgotten houses, desolate beaches), and if the victim spends the last of their energy crying out for revenge, then a Peryton will come and offer retribution. The cost of this vengeance, however, is a high price to pay. The Victim will go through a hellish ordeal, drug through the worst nightmares that the Underworld and the Dreaming inflict, transforming the angry corpse into a new Peryton. The only thing that matters to the Peryton from then on, is the thirst for murderer blood.

History states that Atlantis fell to the murderous rampage of this blood-thirsty Stirpe (Kith). The unpunished crimes and hubris of its self-important residents had no time for justice. The Peryton’s descended and destroyed the arrogant citizens, and the city itself soon followed. Fae scholars on the subject point to these origins and have formed a hypothesis of sorts. Like attracts like, and murder breeds murder. If in recent years, the largest cities in Italy – Rome, Naples, Venice, and the like – have all been attracting more and more Perytons. How much longer then, will these cities last before they go the same route as Atlantis all those centuries ago?



“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets” ― Voltaire


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