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Quoth the WakWak:

“Hey there, cutie, I just moved in upstairs yesterday. I don’t suppose you’d help a girl out and show me around town?”

Kith Excerpt:

An old Filipino superstition reads “Beware of Female Butchers.” This is due to the WakWak’s predisposition towards playing with their food. This all Aghoy (Unseelie), all female Kapatiran won’t just butcher their meals like normal monsters, they will drape and display it for all it see, and few mortals are the wiser. The WakWaks are cruel, cannibalistic, utterly alien in mindset, and completely without remorse. They are also very good at hiding in plain sight and extremely good at acting.
No single member of the Aswang

No single member of the Aswang (Whole collective of Phillipino Supernatural creatures) has been more justly deserving of enmity than the WakWak, (also known as Tiktiks Ekeks, or Manananggal). This is all for very good reason. The WakWak are attractive widows, or so-&- so’s single sexy auntie, or a friend of a friend who just wants a new start in a new town… all these roles work to ensure that the WakWak is accepted by her mortal victims – Victims that don’t even realize that there is a monster in their midst. During the day they are best of friends.

At night, however, the WakWak finds a safe place to hide her body: deep in a cave, high up in a tree, locked high up in the attic. There, hidden and safe, her body splits. Her lower half, legs and hips remain behind, susceptible to danger. Her top half, arms, torso, breasts and head, slink off trailing viscera behind. Wings slink from her back, and her tongue extends long and lascivious. Under cover of night she flies out across her community seeking bodily humours that provides her nourishment. Marrow, embryonic fluid, livers, blood, aqueous humor, every WakWak has need for a certain substance that can only be gained from human flesh. Nothing else will satisfy.

Mortals that see this form see it as a large bat or night bird. Other Creatures that see it can’t recognize it as anything but a demon. WakWak won’t shit where they eat however, and the wise WakWak spreads it around, taking a little from everyone every night, and even acting as if she herself was the victim of such terror.



“Beauty is an ecstasy; it is as simple as hunger.
There is really nothing to be said about it.”
– W. Somerset Maugham


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