A Year & A Day: Quinkin

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

Character Creation Guide Download: Quinkin.pdf

Quoth the Quinkin:

“Good Evening Beautiful Ladies, are any of you in need of a tall, strapping, 3-legged Beast of a man tonight?”


As with many of our caveats, we authors would like to encourage all players to tread carefully. The Quinkin in turns may be represented as Lusty caricatures of a horny old Fae (not unlike some Satyrs depicted). Contrariwise, they can be the darkest aspects of a man’s ugliest, basest desires. Please understand that context makes everything, and with everything we do here at Koyoht Bleu, go with whatever Gods you pray to, and be careful around all the Heavy Stuff lying around.

With Love,
Koyoht Bleu

Kith Excerpt:

There are many Tribes of Stickmen in the Dreaming of Australia. The Mimis (as found in Changeling Player’s Guide 20th being the most famous). However, there are older, far more primal, Stick-Tribes that prowl the outback, serving their own ends as well they can in the ever-changing Dreamscape of the Realm. The Quinkin of Queensland are the most famous of these Tribes (outside of the Mimi that is) and hold a special place in the minds of men, and in the dreams of women.



“It’s a pity nobody believes in simple lust anymore.” – Ava Gardner


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