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Quoth the Pelesit:


Kith Excerpt:

Pelesit are an unhappy lot. A Hantu (Kith) that exist solely at the beck and call of witches. Athurakal (Fairy) familiars that can transform into tiny insects, their life is a miserable one. Prior to their Chrysalis, the budding Hantu knew a wise-woman, hedge-wife, or other magic-user. Upon Chrysalis, that witch or wizard will come calling. (How did they know? They’re magic of course!). From that point on, the Pelesit is a mute- buggy, scrawny, personal slave.

Not that it is all bad, mind, the Pelesit is an individual after all. They each have their own wants, needs, loves and hates (especially hatred of cats, see side-bar). Depending on their keeper, they may even get a few days off every week to go amongst the other Athurakal. And despite their creepy insectoid-nature, not all of the Pelesit are Suanggi (Unseelie)- perhaps some few of them may even want to do good for mortals, the Fae courts, or even their Witch-keeper.

The true testament of their condition is dependent on their keeper. If a good witch, the Pelesit may have more leeway and lend themselves to Yetkhat (Seelie) pursuits. If the Sone (Witch, usually malevolent) is bad, the Pelesit may become bogged down by dark errands and unsavory acts that propel them ever further in to a Suanggi nature. The saddest of the Pelesit are those rare souls who wish to do good but work for the worst Sone. “If I could just show her how the power of love is enough” they think “perhaps I could change their black hearts and bring them into the light!” This rarely works.



“A servant sometimes need to be served.” – Rza


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