A Year and A Day: Muileartacha

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

Character Creation Guide Download: Muileartacha.pdf

Quoth the Muileartacha:

“Greetings, kind sir- could you help an old fish-wife pull in her nets? The catch is good this fine day, but my wee arms aren’t as big as yours are, to be sure.”

Kith Excerpt:

Female to a one of them, there is one ancient Tribe of aquatic Hags that are as feared as any sea-serpent, kraken, or other beast of the deep. The Muileartacha are sea hags and manifestations of the sea’s cruelty. While their ancient crone mother was a Goddess of the Sea who could be placated with offerings, these briny beasts will eat the offerings and then consume the poor souls who offer. Thallain to a one of them, they are feared by Outlander Fae of the outer Celtic Lands, who eke their living from the sea. Fishermen, sailors, and the numerous aquatic Hyberborean Kith: all are subject to this Sea Hag’s dark appetites.

Capable of transforming into a great scaly sea-monster (appearing different for every one of them) they prowl the cold waters of the Celtic Outlands in search of fat seals, stray sharks, or other savorier fare. This often puts them at odds with the aforementioned aquatic Fae of Hyberborea (Such as Nuckalavee and Fir Gorma), but those kith are wise not to put up too much of a fight. In the darkest and coldest reaches of the deep, everyone can be on the menu, and the hunter can swiftly become the hunted if the next monster is bigger.



“I yam glad she ain’t dead even if she is a exter bad woman.
If they wasn’t no bad women, maybe we wouldn’t appreciate the good ones.
Anyway, she yam what she yam!”
– Popeye the Sailor Man


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