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The Si Tribes:


The Si Tribes of Magh Tuireadh:

This week we have something special for the fans of White Wolf’s Changeling: the Dreaming. An entire week dedicated to our homebrew kith: the Sì and their Roths.

The Sì are not the Concordian Sidhe. They aren’t Autumn, nor are they Arcadian. They are proto-Sidhe and the direct descendants of the Tuatha de Danaan, with a few Fomorian or Fir Bholg ancestors for good measure. They are children of the First Born, and closer to Adhene than the Kithain. Yet, they have still undergone the Changeling Way. All are reborn in the Court of All Kings (Ireland) and find their own way to Magh Tuireadh upon Chrysalis.

Magh Tuireadh is their own city-wide Pocket Realm in the Irish Dreaming. There is a Trod that exists in the Rocky Hills outside of Sligo. This Trod will take you there to Magh Tuireadh. The Realm is surrounded by black thorn and briars. There is pathway out that leads to the Summer Country – One of the Irish Afterlives Realms. One Tribe of the seven must journey to that otherworld and come back.

There are seven Sì Tribes, called Collectively the Seacht – but there is more.

Three of these Tribes are Samhain (Unseelie) and one of those three is doubly Samhain (Thallain).

Three of these Tribes are Beltaine (Seelie) one of those three one is doubly Beltaine (Marcra).

The last Tribe is no longer Beltaine or Samhain. They are Sì who have traveled to the Summer Country (Irish overworld) and come back as wraithly versions of their former selves (and as such are now considered Adhene).

To confound it even more, each of the Tribes has three circles, or Roths. These are families within Tribes. These Roth are bound by a common ancestor amongst the Tuatha de Dannan.

The Seacht Tribes really don’t like the Sidhe, neither Arcadian nor Autumn.

Happy Lughnasadah,
Koyoht Bleu

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