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Quoth the Korhorushy:

“Ooh…that steam feels good yeah? …So what were you saying? …Never mind I don’t care. Bring me my milk now.”

Kith Excerpt:

Every good Slavic household had a Banya – a bathhouse or Sauna. A good sweat was important for health, social cohesion, and maintaning traditional culture. There were also magical implications involved in the steam that arose in these areas. Soothsaying, healing, even curses and blessings were kit and parcel within these liminal spaces.

One Plemya (Kith) of Russian Fae were intrinsically tied to the Banya. A tribe of Cait-Sith, the Korhorushy were born of the mists that the bath-houses brought. While there a few of females in the Tribe, the majority of the Plemya are strapping boys. These magical felines utilized all the magics of the Banya. They were skilled in blessing, cursing, healing, and above all divination.

However, they were also exasperatingly obtuse. A fairly Zima (Unseelie) Tribe, the Korhorushy would certainly bless those that were on their good list, but would also cause untold misfortune for anyone that ignored the Cat’s creature comforts. Picky in the extreme, an Korhorushy is ruled by particular cravings. Not getting these particulars can spell disaster. They are also incredibly limited in attention. Most can’t concentrate on task for more than a few minutes at most. Still, to those that are on their good-side, there can be no greater ally than the lucky sauna-cat.



“It always gives me a shiver when I see a cat seeing what I can’t see.” – Eleanor Farjeon


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