A Year & A Day: Grimalkin

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Grimalkin:

“Of course I am from, uhm, House Fiona was it? Yes, House Fiona. That is why I am wearing this sigil, which is from that House…”

Kith Excerpt:

In the Scottish Play, one was the 3 ladies’ own familiar. One tricked the Orc du Caraba’s in Stylish thigh-high boots. They as a group have been producing turmoil in the Dreaming and Waking World both since time immemorial. They serve so in their roles because they are good at what they do, and what they do is good. At least to hear them talk of it.

Grimalkin are unique in that they don’t just develop a mortal seeming for themselves, they live a separate life as one of the Fairest of the Sidhe. They have hopes and dreams, and a completely different name (True Name and otherwise) that allows them to partake in the rarest fruits of Gentry society. Most times, their true nature is never revealed, and the Grimalkin lives such double lives indefinitely. To this, they must wander often, traveling from place to place and adventure to adventure, lest someone catch wind as to their true nature.

Yet even with all the juicy gossip and luscious intrigue that piques the Grimalkin’s interest, they also take the time to cultivate the lazy and fat life of a feline. There is so much to relish from both realities, and a Grimalkin is nothing if not voracious. They are the grandest liars, the cleverest wooers, and the most brazen of all the Fae Beasts. That is why they graciously, and most humbly, accept the title of King of the Cait-Sith. Whether or not the other Cait-Sith feel this is beside the point.



“A tom, sirs, a ginger tom and proud of it. Proud of his fine, white shirtfront that dazzles harmoniously against his orange and tangerine tessellations (oh! what a fiery suit of lights have I); proud of his bird-entrancing eye and more than military whiskers; proud, to a fault, some say, of his fine, musical voice.”
– Angela Carter, The Bloody Chamber: “Puss-in-Boots”


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