A Year & A Day: Todd Loweries

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Todd Lowerie:

“Tod Lowerie? I’m sorry, you must have me mistaken for someone else. Todd is a very common name after all, and Loweries is just a common a surname, yes? Why, what did you need him for?”

Kith Excerpt:

Let’s face it, you’re reading this because you looove foxes. That’s okay, everyone does. Just as everyone has their own idea of how clever and quick and attractive foxes are. The Scottish Bòcain (Fae) called Todd Lowery is one example of this cleverness-quickness-attractiveness. But Todd Lowery isn’t just one fox, and that is where the drama starts.

Every single member of this Foxy Wicht (Kith) is named Todd Lowery. Even the rare females of the Todds are named such (though to close friends they don’t mind being called Lorraine). One of the rarest of rare among the Dreaming Folk, the Todds are one of the few double Seelie Tribes known as the Marcra. Not that the Todds are kind, mind you. Far from it, they are every bit as voracious and lusty as Fox Fae or even Wicht for that matter. The Todds, however, for all their hungry ways… leave a way out.

Honest and forthcoming in a way that no other Fox Fae can attest to, the Todd’s will never Welch (no slur intended) on a deal, nor go back on their word. If anybody comes to the Todds with legitimate concerns, the Todds will do their best to aid by whatever means at their disposal. Every one of the Todds has a certain degree of compassion far removed from their fellows that borders on soft-hearted. And while they aren’t safe by any stretch of the word (and what Fae is, truly?) they are also amiable enough in their own Foxy way.



“Everybody’s life looks better when you’re standing outside it, looking in, but that’s never how it really is. We all got good things and bad things…” ― Torey Hayden


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