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Quoth the Tipua:

“One for you, and one for my homies? That’s two, yeah? Alright, way to keep it lit.”

Kith Excerpt:

Integrity is what one does when nobody is around, but few know when the Tipua are about. With their ability to transform into seemingly mundane items, they can easily gauge the true integrity of a person. Rocks, Bushes, T.V.’s, desks, beds, one can never be too sure that they are alone. But that was the purpose that they were created for if their own story is true- and Every Tipua is fond of the story.

Long since an intermediary between the spirits of the Land, the Gods, the Huringa, and the mortals, the Tipua are an Old Kadugo of ensuring proper respect was had for all. This Maori Kadugo was responsible for receiving proper offerings on behalf of the Atua, and in exchange, would ensure that those who made offering were rewarded in kind. Either with blessings for the generous and cursing the stingy.

One of the few mostly Makahiki of Kadugo, even the most depraved of their family feel that they are meant to serve better ends, though it may manifest in cursing the stingy. They are gregarious, often to a fault, and while inconspicuous while transformed, they don’t care sit on the sidelines quietly, if they can help it.



“It is a joy to be hidden, and disaster not to be found.” ― D.W. Winnicott


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