A Year and A Day: Bananach

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Quoth the Bánánach:

“Kneel mortal, and grovel. Aye, grovel like the same worms that ye shall yet feed.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Bánánach are one of the three Death Adhene of Ireland and represent death in battle. This all-female family is bloody, lustful, violent, and keepers of a warring tradition that hearkens back to the Morrigan Goddesses of the Tuatha.

Like hungry ravens they swarm the battlefield, with their loyal Bócanaigh close behind, these dark-ladies live only for bearing witness to the untold deaths of war, and the misery that comes from such loss.

Unlike other Adhene, however, they rarely venture out of their deep Realms. Many are found in an Umbral land of constant battle- one popular to the Prodigal race of Garou. There is warfare enough for all the Raven-Ladies in this realm, and they see little reason to leave it. When they do, however, they will do so for a battle grand enough to warrant their attention, and enough death to slake their thirst.



“When you’re in the middle of a killing field and the f*****’ Chooser of the Slain tells you to do something, you do it.”
― Kevin Hearne, “Hounded”


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