A Year and A Day: Jurogumo

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Jurogumo:

“Relax stranger, you’ve had a rough journey, and it gets rougher ahead. Please, just lie back and let me take care of you.”

Kith Excerpt:

This gang of all female Fae is perhaps one of the most famous of the Shinma, and in some provinces they are one of even worshiped as goddesses protecting mortals from death by drowning. Small shrines dot the waterways, guiding humans aright. Of course, that’s not the majority of their Families. They are famous for other reasons.

The Kanji for Jurogumo translates into “binding bride.” These seductive Kwannon-Jin have a long and artful history of living up to that epithet, by catching men in their erogenous snares. Commoners and Nobles, Samurais and Mandarins, even priests have fell prey to the lurid songs of these skilled seductresses. Most of the stories would begin with the Jurogumo playing her Biwa, (a type of Japanese stringed-instrument). Her skill would summon the hapless male into her quaint little shack in the forest. While the dupe would be diverted by the skill of her playing, she would bind him in silk. This story is told time and time again, with little variation but for a few pesky priests who know the secret of escape.

For all of their fame, some wonder if they aren’t a little too similar to the Kumo tribes of the Hengeyokai. The were-spiders of the Emerald Courts bear very comparable traits that leave many of the Hsien scratching their chins in wonder. The Jurogumo have no time for these rumors however, their days are busy taking care of their admirers, and practicing their music. While they aid the Hsien on occasion (many a Kamuii has paid great amounts to procure an all Jurogumo performance at his party), their chief duty under heaven is to ensure that the fools suffer a fools death. If a priest falls prey to lust, then he had no business being a priest



“The more the beautiful the girl, the more I wonder what other defense she contains to keep her emotions latched,” – Hakeem Jenkins, Beauty


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