A Year and A Day: Fin Folk

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Fin Folk:

“Come with me. You could love me down there. Or learn to.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Fin Folk are the Dark Ones, an aquatic Denizen Tribe of Adhene from the most ancient of times. Before the Tuatha, before the Fir Bholgs, well before even the Fomor, the Nemed, or the Milesians, the Fin Folk dwelt down in their cold aquatic realm with only their own for company. Yet with the first people on land, the Fin Folk saw something new, beautiful faces. There were handsome, bright and shiny men, lustrous women, all with skin, hair and eyes a slew of new shades never imagined by this deep dreaming Tribe of others. With that they first left their world to begin taking from this new one.

Little has changed between then and now. Mortal Fisher-folk in and around the Northern waters know to mark their boats with the sign of the cross, and to steer clear of Eynhallow in Orkney, as that is where they collect their new spouses. Though it should be stressed that there are Fin Men and Fin Wives all, any pretty face of any sex could be stolen away beneath the waves.



“And when they grew up the sea cast its spell on them still. Some of them became sailors and spent their lives afloat, but most of them stayed right here in the Isles, nor did they need to look farther for a living, since those dark ones could catch more fish in a day than the rest of us catch in a week. ‘Twas some strange power in them, seemingly. And so it went on all down the years. Every time one of those dark ones was born he’d turn to the sea in the same way and spend all his life within reach of it…” Rosalie K. Fry, The Secret of Ron Mor Skerry


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