Changeling Art: Cutting Heads

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Changeling Art Rules for Cutting Heads: Cutting-Heads.pdf

Art of the Diabhal:

All Diabhal Changelings know this Art, though savvy others (Changeling or otherwise) may make use of the Art, if they are lucky enough…

Cutting Heads:

From the Goblin markets of antiquity bartering with eye-color and memories, to the midnight crossroads where the winner gets ungodly talents but the loser denounces his immortal soul, the tenets that comprise the art of Cutting heads is a familiar one. Everyone knows the story of Famous Johnny and his fiddle contest, but not everyone understands the implications. The Following art is utilized by only the most depraved, soul-hungry, and Unseelie of Fae (and some whisper other less savory creatures such as Demons and Were-Roosters).

Cutting Heads is a Changeling Art. It is a Hedge-Pathish Folk-Way born of Infernal negotiations and two-tongued Contracts. It is a musical battle, a series of boasts, it is a story you’ve heard before.

With Cutting Heads, the character sheet is converted to poker chips with the Diabhal as the Dealer. Each filled-in bubble is akin to a dollar amount, which an be gambled upon, or added to a Flair-Pool. Lower prices in the Flair Pool include Backgrounds and Abilities with the most expensive being the subject’s very Name (in the True Name magickal sense). Ritualistic performance, posturing and parle allow a Diabhal access to that Flair Pool.

They use those Poker Chips to Gamble with unsuspecting Rubes, hopefully garnering more and more dots in the Flair Pool, which in turn will be gambled with later on. To what ends might a Diabhal pursue a larger Flair Pool?



“The demon code prevents me-From declining a rock-off challenge-What are your terms? What’s the catch?”
– Tenacious D, “Beelzeboss”


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