A Year and A Day: Callicantzaroi

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Quoth the Callicantzaroi:

*Spits in your vino* “Heh, drink that, you Finoccio bastardo…”

Kith Excerpt:

In days long past the Callincantzaroi served as the Calvary of the Italian Fae. Like the trooping faeries of old, they were held in high regard during times of battle. Those days are long past now that Europe is more whole, and many of the Callincantzaroi struggle to find a purpose. Like soldiers with no war, many just turn to a life of mindless violence and bullying.

Callincantzaroi are now little more than the thugs, ruffians, and lowlifes of the Italian Stirpe (Kith). Nasty, malicious and spiteful, they serve a special niche that only the Silvani (Unseelie) seem to serve. Browbeating tourists, spitting (or even pissing) in someone’s wine, crashing parties: these are a just a few of the ways in which the Stirpe tries to find meaning. The lucky ones find work serving as security to wealthy patrons. But their frailty prevents much in the way of business. The Callincantzaroi is forbidden to wear clothes.

While they may drag on a pair of pants or a shirt every now and again, they are cursed, and donning anything (save for their helmets) leaves them ineffectual and hopeless. It is only when they are completely naked that their true abilities, ugly as they are, can truly shine.



“Well all the rudies and skins well they’re out on the streets making the way on the rift
Between the bottles and sex they smash and they wreck for something to live.” – Rancid, Hooligans: Life Won’t Wait


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