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Quoth the Gnoll:

*Far away cackling, that is getting closer and closer, and louder and louder…*

Kith Excerpt:

The Hyena Headed Gnoll is a strong and powerful Tribe of Emere (Changelings), rivaling the Nyar-Viruze in militant power and discipline, and the Tokolosh in ferocity. Gifted in magic, mighty in warfare, and possessed of a pack mentality that puts even the Werewolves to shame, the Gnolls rarely take part in the greatness that other Akuko (Kith can boast. The reason for this stems from their very name.

The proper term for this Akuko is Edi Amoosu, which translates into Hyena witch. But the word Gnoll is more common amongst the rest of the Emere, and indeed the rest of the Changeling world. The term Gnoll stems from the Middle English Noll which refers to a stupid or very drunk person. A term applied by European fae upon arrival to Africa. This slur sums up the feeling most Fae have for this downtrodden Kith. (Although many a wayward Pooka has claimed allegiance to the Kith, and cited that a Gnoll is half Gnome and half Troll, it remains to be seen if this is anything more than an elaborate ruse.)

The Gnolls have fallen far from grace since the arrival of Europeans into their territories over the centuries, and what remains now is a far cry from an Akuko that once rivaled the Nyar-Viruze for power. They have been relegated to second-hand citizens, and many have had to carve out new lives for themselves in ghettoes and shantytowns across the world. Despite these setbacks however, the Gnolls have thrived amongst their difficulties. Clever, resourceful beyond belief, and loyal to a fault amongst their own, the Gnolls will continue to flourish.



“I reject at once an idea which lingers in the mind of some modern people that cultural activities are in their own right spiritual and meritorious, as though scholars and poets were intrinsically more pleasing to God than scavengers and bootblacks.” – C.S. Lewis


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