A Year and A Day: Kentauros

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Kentauros:

“How you doing? You want a Ride?”

Kith Excerpt:

The modern Kéntauros with emotions that run as strong as their bodies and minds, have left a large hoof-print on their place of mythology, Dreaming or no and continue to do so. Anggitay in the Phillipines, Palkan in the Slavic Region, the Kinnaras in the Perfumed Empire of India; There are a multitude of Half-horse/half-human Creatures in the Dreaming realms. Of course, the most famous, or infamous, is the Kéntauros, If asked, they claim themselves the original, and others naught but simple spurious copies of their classic model.

The Classic model extends to the Greco-Roman world, which is fraught with tales of both flesh-hungry, lusty monsters but also wise and patient healers and teachers. The Kéntauros Fylí (Kith) represent both of these ideal archetypes. While the Heliades (Seelie) may be noble and wise, one too many drinks and they are as flesh-hungry as the Keres (Unseelie). Every Keres is as proficient in medicine, literature, and history, as his Heliadian counterpart, and vise-versa. It is hard to know in whom one is dealing

Even the Kentaurides (the Females of the Fylí, they exist, albeit rarely) are torn between these two opposing polarities. They are just as susceptible to the same fits of rage and possess the same faculties for wonders.



“Wine is many a man’s undoing, when he gulps his draught
and will never drink discreetly. Wine it was that darkened the wits of
Eurytion the Kentauros in the palace of bold Peirithoos.”
– Homer, Odyssey 21. 293

“I’m a DJ. I get the party started.”
– Avicii


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