A Year and A Day: Bugganes

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Buggane:

“All Right you Maggots, Tomorrow night is Beltaine! Seems the Sidhe Elite want us to keep an eye and ear out for the Shadow Court. Now if any of you ladies are afraid of a little trouble with a darkling twink in a frilly shirt, I suggest you go home and suck your momma’s teat! For the rest of you – pack up and roll out. I expect boots on the ground in 5.”

Kith Excerpt:

Born and Bred and Stationed on the Island of Mann, the Bugganes represent the most militant aspects of Changeling Celtica. These stoic Kith pursue end that strengthen mind, body, and soul. They are a hidden force elite that serve the highest echelons of Fae society. They have been bodyguards, tacticians, scouts, and when needed, far more unsavory roles such as thieves and hit-men, But only when the Leaders of the Celtic Fae had to call in the big guns.

Whether or not the young Buggane wants to pursue such a life is irrelevant. It is the Bugganes role to play from time immemorial. Bugganes don’t complain however, it is nice to be wanted, and even nicer to be wanted for something you’re good at. Extremely good in fact. They are the best, and everyone knows it. But only those who know of them. With the whole camp of them hidden somewhere on Mann, the rare few that know of them, also know how to get them. If they do want them, they’re going to have to pay to get them. The Bugganes are the best, and the best don’t come cheap.

Late at night in their camp’s firelight, rumors are whispered discretely. They say that the reason for the training and skull-duggery is that all the Bugganes are a secret weapon in a soon-arriving war with the Fomhoires. Grumps of the line quash such chitchats of course, there is far more to worry about than namby-pamby scuttlebutt..



“It’s not how big, it’s how mean…
Open your mouth boy
Show me your Teeth”
– Lady Gaga


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