A Year and A Day: Nang Tani

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

Character Creation Guide Download: Nang-Tani.pdf

Quoth the Nang Tani:

“Please, stop looking at me like that. I hate to be stared at. If you want to leave me a present, fine. But please, don’t stare.”

Kith Excerpt:

Known by many names, including Nats, Boomasoh, Akakasoh, Shakkasho, and Mrenh Kongveal, the Nang Tani are a beautiful and sad Hantu (Kith) of broken and dejected girls. Far more than Banana Dryads (which too many Western Fae have tried to catalogue them) this All-Female Althurakal (Fae) is a family that blurs the line between wraith and fae.

Hunted by a would-be suitor that just wouldn’t say no, a beautiful young Maiden ran and hid in a banana grove. Or perhaps she was the suitor, and her heart was broken when her would-be paramour chose another. She too, grieving her loss, ran into the grove. There are many circumstances, but all include a suitor, a broken-heart, and a banana grove. Amongst the banana trees, with tears, twisted love, and grief enough to break the heart, was her chrysalis. The Moon shone on her that night, and a single banana tree opened up to embrace her in a way that no mortal ever could. Her spirit and the tree became one, and a New Nang-Tani was born. This happens enough that there is an entire kith of Nang Tani, and is a testament to the horrors faced by so many beautiful young girls.

From that Chrysalis, the new Nang Tani is bound to her trees, and to the watchful Moon. She may carve out a mortal life for herself and may even return to her formal life in some respects. But she is forever changed. She is sadder now, lonelier. She has seen the ugliness of the world, and the only safe space for her is the banana grove she loves and that solitary tree that is hers. They will bring her gifts of course, other suitors who will love her – or the idea of her. Tragically, nothing will come of it but heart-ache.



“She sings from somewhere you can’t see
She sits in the top of the greenest tree
She sends out an aroma of undefined love
It drips on down in a mist from above”
– Devo, “Girl U Want”


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