A Year and A Day: Mouros

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Mouro:

“The sword Joyeuse? You mean the magical all-Gold French sword of Charles the Great? Yes, but this is a replica of course. Not the real one. Is this one Real gold? No. It’s just heavy. I’ll give it to you for 15’000 Peseta. 90 Euros? Sold.”

Kith Excerpt:

Deep under the Spanish countryside, hidden in mountain caves, or even in labyrinthine holds under major Spanish cities, the shining workshops of the Mouros spin more and more wonders. It may be easy to misconstrue the Mouros as simply another Fae family of crafters, but to do so would be to negate the metallic majesty of these ancient and alien Gods of the Forge. The Panelinha’s (Kith’s) true origins are lost to Pre-roman antiquity, but such forgotten knowledge doesn’t hinder these pale-skinned Encantare (Changeling)in the least.

Ostensibly Beato (Seelie)the Mouros has no beef with anything the Church does now-a-days. While Fae scholars may posit that the Church ran the Mouros underground- the Mouros are the first to point out that they were underground anyway. And as their old-pagan origins are still a mystery, it is far more important to focus on the goings-on of today.

Today, these beauteous figures create treasures both mythic and mundane in their shops. Mortals, Fae, or otherwise, seek out these strange out-of-the-way underground (literally) curio shops to find quality goods at competitive pricing. The Mouros don’t care about the money anyways; there is always more silver and gold to be had. What really matters is the magic.



“No stars in the black night
Looks like the sky fell down
No sun in the daylight
Looks like it’s chained to the ground.”
– U2, “Silver and Gold”


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