A Year and A Day: Likho

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Likho:

“Bah, Boo, blagh. You little ones with your whining and your crying that you aren’t princes, or princesses – that you aren’t rich or famous or loved. You are alive, no? That is more to complain about than your lack of pocket-monies, yes?”

Kith Excerpt:

Old Keepers of fate and chance, and persecutors of those souls who cheat both- this all-crone, all female Plemya(Kith) were manifestations of foul fortune and ill-luck. The Likho are an old-world Hag feared and reviled throughout the Thrice Tenth Kingdom. Legend has them hanging on the necks of greedy folk, weighing them down, and, when the poor souls were at their worst, eating them. They are said to be evil, manipulative, and perpetually hungry. That they are, and they are loved because of it.

As the oldest, wisest (and no few of their own numbers stress) most powerful of the Plemya, it is their duty to ensure that all things go according to plan. Whose Plan exactly is up for debate, but with the Likho’s powers over Fate and Chance, it is the wise Russian Changeling who heeds.

Unfortunately, the numbers of the Likho Plemya are few, and growing fewer every day. Much like their own, Fate is not kind. One day soon, they will pass from this world. Perhaps a new group will rise to take their place, perhaps not. The Likho aren’t that worried about it, there is plenty in the here and now that demands their attention, and a whole gaggle of simpleton Plemya that need their help.



“It was written I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice.”
― Joseph Conrad, “Heart of Darkness”


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