A Year and A Day: Graeae

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Graeae:

“OOH, you don’t want to look at me, do you ducky-duck…? But I can look at you. Do you want to know a secret? I’ll tell you. I am you. When all the red has fled from your lips, and your skin hangs from your brittle bones like curtains and your eyes fail you and your mind grows dim… You’ll know that I am you…”

Kith Excerpt:

The Waste Hags are daughters of the Sea Gods Phorcys and Ceto – They are keepers of the waste-lands, manifestations of old-age and rust, pollution and ennui, entropy and the disgust of a world dying not yet dead. Also called the Grey Sisters, Graiai, or Graiae – this all female Fylí (Kith) are manifestions of the inevitable obsoleting of all that is. While they may be justly called a Neráidais (Changelings) the same as the Ketea, Nymphaea, or even Satyr for all of that, the Graeae are more akin to the Phylum families of the Inanimae.

Yet instead of being the dreams of a certain element, the Graeae are dreams of Pollution, waste, and old age – All of the miserable inevitabilities of existence, even in the wondrously nebulous Dreaming. In fact, some Graeae are so tied to the wasting greying entropy of existence, that they have a higher difficulty in dealing with Ápeiros or Epanastátis, as their very essence is anathema to the Aging Graeae. (Some story-teller’s may warrant a higher difficulty to all social rolls).

They are all female, all Grumps, and all blind (with the exception of their one eye that they all must share) and are perhaps the greatest seers in the whole of the Dreaming. Perseus of the Epics went to barter them for the information that led to his heroism. Yet this information comes with a price, as does all services the Grey-ones offer. It is up to the dementedly brave, or fool-hardily desperate to consider paying this price.



“Το γήρας όρμον είναι των κακών.”
(“Old age is a harbor for bad things.”)
— Bias of Priene, 625-540 BC


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