A Year and A Day: U’tlun’ta

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the U’tlun’ta:

“Shh… Relax dear. Let me brush your hair, it’s so lovely. Come, let me sing you an old song of my people… you just relax.”

Kith Excerpt:

The U’tlun’ta are a grotesquely monstrous family of Wapsu (Thallain) hagges scattered throughout the Southeast. Stories abound of these monsters and their cannibalistic hungers. Even worse than their hunger is the method for luring in the victims, with honeyed voice and gentle touch they lull the victims into a false sense of slumber before painlessly removing the still warm livers from the mollified targets. The target looks up, just as recognition of the true situation takes place, they scream and die

All women and all Elders, the Spearfingers have been plucking livers since well before the Europeans arrived on the Island of the Turtle. Of course, they were fighting heroes and Gods long prior. The Pure Lands Werewolves fought them, the Wizards fought them, and the Nunnehi Tribes protecting mortal community fought them as well. It should be natural that the newcomer Wasichu (European) Fae families from Europe fight them as well

However, the new juxtaposed world that of traditional native and the newer European, offered a unique rift in which the U’tlun’ta could find a home. Sadness, poverty, and loneliness run rampant throughout the Southeast United States, giving the Spearfingers a hiding place right in the open. Everyone knows that sad old grandmother down the road, or up the hill. “She just misses her kids is all and likes to watch the children play. If one of those kids disappear? It happens all the time in these parts anyway…”



“Uwe’la na’tsïkû’. Su’ sä’ sai’. Liver, I eat it. Su’ sa’ sai’.”
– Liver Eating Song of the Spearfinger


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