A Year and A Day: Norns

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Norn:

“Gæð a wyrd swa hio scel!” (“Fate goes ever as she shall!”)

Kith Excerpt:

While most students of the Norse world would easily recognize the three ladies of Fate, few grasp the knowledge that there were a whole slew of this Disir (Kith). The whole of them were care-takers of Destiny, and watched the unfolding of Fate by the Gods, Men, and Alva (Fae) alike. They also serve as tWardens of Yggdrasill, monitoring the roots, and enforcing protocol from those who would unjustly utilize its power.

This enforcement of Protocol is most imperative protocol of these somber women. In this, they hold a special place in Alva society. They are seen at births of many Alva families and offer blessings or judgements. They may arrive before Chrysalis’s and guide many through the process. Many arrive before a Saining and ensure that the right name is remembered. They are masters of Wyrd (in the Changeling context) and Hamingja (Glamour).

They are also split down the middle, concerning numbers of Svaltalfar (Unseelie) and Ljósálfar (Seelie), counting equal members of both. The dark ones ensure that fate befalls those who mock the ways of Wyrd, while the light ones ensure that those who uphold the law are rewarded justly.



“Of many births
the Norns must be,
Nor one in race they were;
Some to gods,
others to elves are kin,
And Dvalin’s daughters some.”
Prose Edda – Voluspa 8


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