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Quoth the Kuta:

“A what? Where the hell would I keep a singing golden harp in this tiny apartment, I can barely fit my shoes in here. I’ve got nothing for you to burgle. I’m tired and hungry, and just want to be left alone. Please, leave.”

Kith Excerpt:

At one time, they were the Cugh-Tach of Celtic Antiquity, giants of strong limb and unflinching Pagan morality who aided Kings of Old. Fionn MaCumhail was among their number, and if he wasn’t he was at least Kinain-Cugh-Tach Blooded. Their role was a good one, and they were beloved by all. That is, until Christianity arrived on the scene.

The Pagan ways were diminished, and with them the love of the Giants. The Cugh-Tach were cast out of Ireland by the new Roman God Christ-Jesus, and headed west to Scotland. Unfortunately, the Rocky lands of Scotland had little room for them (literally), and they headed south to what would be later called England. Here they remained, a far cry form their former Glory. Over the years they become Kuta – Laestrygonian simpletons, bolwdlerized into simple carnivorous brutes with a penchant for bone-baked-bread. The stories all cite how each of them was Murdle-urdled by Jack-the-Giant Killer, and this once great family was Fee-fi-fo-fummed into caricactures of their former glory.

With heavy heart (literally) the Kuta remain a bastard Kith to this day. Long gone is the love for Thick-Limbed Irish heroes. Where-as once their prodigous appetites were celebated as they feasted from the Cauldron of the Daghda, now they stoop to enter grocery stores to stock up on way too many cups of ramen-noodle. It is a sad affair, and their future isn’t looking much brighter.



“Dusk has dawned, I hear its call,
above the world I’ve watched it fall;
I smell blood and I smell bone,
and I smell fear coated in gold;
Grind your bread and bake their teeth,
and death will come while you’re asleep;
I will rage. I will rage.
– Emory R. Frie, “Giant Country”


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