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Quoth the Ved:

“Greetings neighbor, are you needing any helps this fine day? All my work is done, and I thought I might check in…”

Kith Excerpt:

The Ved are an ancient Plemya (Kith) of giants that once frequented the Russian wild-places. Despite their giant-heritage, they are kind-hearted and amiable. Almost universally Leto (Seelie), it is the rare Ved who harbors any ill-will towards anyone. Capable of producing colossal destructive storm-winds from deep within their lungs, it is no small blessing that the Ved are the very goodest boys of the Thrice-Tenth-Kingdom.

Most Ved begin the chrysalis in small rural villages around the Slavic landscapes. Farming communities, little factory towns, fishing-villages along waterways, anywhere that big-boned and corn-fed youth don’t need stress over-much. They thrive in such bucolic environments. They take simple contentment aiding their fellows, fae and mortal alike, and can’t picture any other life.

Regrettably there are few Ved who undergo chrysalis in urban landscapes The hustle and bustle of metropolises is hard on the Ved’s tender sensibilities. If lucky enough to find a place outside a city and its hardness, they turn out okay. If not… There are a few Ved of the not-Leto persuasion who use their mighty breath to lash out in frustration.



“Ближний сосед лучше дальней родни”
“A close neighbor is better than a distant relative.”
– Russian Proverb


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