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Quoth the Mulgogi-Yeoja:

“Such a Handsome sailor you are. Please, stay and have a meal with me… You don’t have a girlfriend, do you?”

Kith Excerpt:

Do not confuse them with the Heng-Po family of Hirayanu, nor are they a family of Obake Animal Goblins- despite their animalistic nature. The Mulgogi Yeoja Family of Hsien are Bakemono. Though discerning exactly why is difficult. They are beautiful, inside, and out. They are kind, happy, and content to frolic amongst the waves of their bright Korean waters. It is a fair testament to highlight, that out of all the waters in the Three Kingdoms of Go, and all their Mermaid-esque aquatic families, the Korean Mulgogi Yeoja are the most benevolent.

Sure, there are the Ningyo of Japan, and the Kōjin of China – arguably the same family – but the Mulgogi Yeoja, which translates to “Water-Meat (Fish) Sweethearts” are by far the most compassionate. The old stories have them changing the weather for the better, aiding their beloved fishermen and sailors. There are a few stories of them throwing rocks at passing ships, but that was just to warn them of dangerous hidden rocky shoals.

Yet they are always considered a Bakemono Tribe. This may be due to their violently chaotic reactions when their tender little hearts get broken. They fall in love easily, and with such comes a whole gamut of emotions. They may pursue someone who doesn’t reciprocate their advances, they may fall in love with the wrong person, or worse yet, they fall for the bad-boy, who wanders off in search of other lovers. The normally sweet Mulgogi Yeoja do not stand for infidelity. Any signs of their love beings spurned, or even not wanted erupts into the worst of weather… as their ties to the natural world reflect their mood. Only the hope of another love in the future can calm their tempestuous emotions.



“If I go back, how would I live, missing him? Even if I went back, living wouldn’t be living. I could die here or go there and live as though dead. It’s all the same.”
– Legend of the Blue Sea


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