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Quoth the Deva Putra Mara:

“Don’t sweat it. You give how much to charity? That’s a lot. You didn’t forget where you came from, it’s those losers back home who don’t realize how much you fought to get here.”

The Mara Tribes:

Deva Putra Mara
Klesha Mara
Mrtya Mara
Skhanda Mara

Kith Excerpt:

When the Buddha Siddhartha sat under the tree, himself not yet quite the Buddha, Mara the Distractor – Godfather of Demons – offered temptations and distractions to shake him from the path. Though the Buddha saw through them all, they still exist in and of themselves. Four Tribes arose – the Mara Zo-dor, named for the Grandfather God. Each of the four Tribes oversees, and IS, a principle distraction that prevents ascension in mortals, Fae, or other.

The Deva Putra Mara are the children of the Sons of the Gods, Illusions of mortality and immortality, the Gods of the Illusion of the impermanence of pleasure, and all the splendor that is Fame, heaven, Godhood, or seeming Ascension. In Layman’s Terms – Once you get to God status, there is nothing left to shoot for. You got there, Man! Good Job! These Mara are the Lords of a seemingly unlimited reality, an illusion that any can fall prey to: Mortals, Fae, A dozen and a half supernatural creatures (sometimes actual Gods). However, this should never be misconstrued as Banality or Dukha. It is important to realize that after a life spent in search of ascending the confines of a mortal coil- it is perfectly fine to immerse oneself in the rewards of Eternity- and such rewards should be treasured – so the Deva Putra Mara will remind you time and time again.

None of the Mara are evil, and the Grandfather God Mara himself should never be mistaken for “The Devil.” The Deva Putra see what they do as a service to the World, maintaining the status quo of the greatest parts of this world and the next, and removing all challenges that harangue the deserving. For all of the bad publicity their Tribes receive, the Deva Putra understand that they are an integral part of reality – one that really shouldn’t be stressed– just enjoy yourself for now… good job.



“Heaven, Heaven is the Place, the place where Nothing Ever happens.”
– Talking Heads


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