A Year and A Day: Moswyfjes

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

Character Creation Guide Download: Moswyfjes.pdf

Quoth the Moswyfje:

“Oh, boo-hoo, you got a spear through the lungs… What do you want? A band-aid? All right, just shut your trap and I’ll heal it up for you. Gods, I didn’t realize that the Sidhe were such babies…”

Kith Excerpt:

Indirectly descended from the long-forgotten Gods of the Wild Places, this all-female kith couldn’t give two rat’s a**es about any supposed ancestors or the dumb-ass men who try to cement it as fact. They are far too busy to over-worry about that kind of s***. The Moswyfjes, also called Waldweibchen, Finzweiberl, and Lohjungfern,- the Moss-Wives have a similarly appropriate title in common Wechselbalg (Changeling) parlance, “those scary green chicks what live in the forest…” They maintain wild swathes of rocky and woody places far from the prying eyes of men. Here they can practice their art unopposed.

Their art is one of wonder. Poultices made from ferns and tree-roots, salves derived from grasses, even specialty brewed beers and meads birthed of wildflowers, spring-waters, and the purest mountain honeys. Each concoction they create is a masterpiece of arboreal achievement, able to heal, soothe, and even stem the tides of banality in some cases… But this magic comes with a price. The Moswyfjes are known for their acid tongue, and wounding words. Every utterance is dripping with disdain for all who call on them. And May the Gods help those who are stingy or greedy and need the Green-Wives aid… If there is one thing that can’t be abided, it’s the penny-pinchers and bean-counters of Man’s world…

Despite this naysaying, the Moswyfjes are an integral part of Wechselbalg society, and won’t prevent their gifts of medicine from being disseminated to the needy. But there is a lot of fun to be had verbally attacking anyone who needs them.



“I’m going to give you some advice: don’t be such a whiny asshole. It makes you look weak.”
― Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, “Fugly”


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