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Quoth the Volsung:

“Við erum sannir konungar á fjallinu. Fylgdu okkur með gleymskunni!”
(“We are the true kings on the mountain. Follow us into Oblivion!”)

Kith Excerpt:

The Volsung represent the purest models of the Ljósálfar (Seelie). They are brave, strong, beautiful, and honest. They are a bloodline descended from Odin himself, and thus they consider themselves far beyond the realms of even the stoutest of other Disir (Kith). They don’t have the Ljósálfar legacy and Svaltalfar Legacy like the other Alva (Fae) do. Instead, they have a double Ljósálfar Legacy, a testament to their rights to rule, set up by Fate, by blood, by strength, and by their very principles. This is similar to the Celtic concept of the Marcra (Double Seelie). Most Volsung balk at such parallels.

Yet they do have much in common with their erstwhile cousins the Celtoi-Sidhe. They have a strict code of honor that to which they hold each other, and feel that Jarldom is a right reserved by strength and merit alone. But that commonality ends when one looks at the dubious actions and back-room politicking of the Sidhe. No Volsung would stoop to such trivial means of enterprise, especially those that are duplicitous or underhanded. Things change by action, not diplomatic navel-gazing. And they certainly don’t happen by skullduggery.

The Volsung hold themselves and each other to such high standards, because they know that they are better than the other Disir. And when they pass on to the next world, which is always sooner rather than later for the Kith (See frailty below) they will go knowing that they made a difference.



“A coward dies every day, the courageous dies only once.”
― The Saga of the Volsungs


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