A Year and A Day: Vodyanoi

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Vodnik:

“Greetings mortal! Welcome to my beach. Do you come to bring me gifts? I do like the Vodka! Oh. The restrooms? Over there, on the other side of the soda machine…”

Kith Excerpt:

An old-world family of Karlik (Fae), the Vodyanoi (Vodnik in the singular) were at one-time sought-after entities. Fishermen would propagate them with gifts to ensure a good catch. The Rusalki would be married to them in elaborate forced ceremonies. The old Gods of the Bogovi Pantheon would look on them with respect, as they were cold unforgiving manifestations of the Primal Dark Waters. Yet all things change, and nothing stays the same. The world around them has changed too much, while the Vodyanoi try to maintain their semblance of greatness.

From the moment of Chrysalis, the Vodyanoi Plemya (Kith) take to the numerous cold waterways across the Kingdom of the Firebird. Fully Aware of their Ancient stations, they set themselves up as self-titled Kings and Rulers of their muddy wet domain. Like cat-fish-faced czars, the Vodyanoi understand that their importance in the world is never to be underrated, and all the good things are due to come their way.

The whole of their number is Zima (Unseelie) and it is a title that they wear proudly. In the old days (that they are all so fond of) they would break dams, drown insolent mortals, or flood whole villages of unbelievers. Now, those great shows of infamy have fizzled a bit. Only when there is some sufficient cause to wile their ire do they spring to action. This is usually some fleeting attempts to recapture their glory days – when they raise their mighty dripping heads and proclaim their aquatic ferocity to the world. Some people may see this as delusions of grandeur- those same people usually drown unexpectantly



“Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water. Come back here, man, give me my daughter.
Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water. Come back here, man, give me my daughter.”
― P.J. Harvey


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